A Bookish Way Of Life

Somehow, that wasn’t working out. I was a rule follower, a syllabus and spreadsheet lover, but now, I was adrift without a rubric. Not a single one called me back. Or even let me know they’d so much as received my application. I was throwing myself against the doors of adulthood, equipped with everything I’d been taught to bring to this stage of life, and no one was answering.

c) The frugality practiced here is deeply embedded in traditional gender roles and endemic sexism. As a young, white attractive woman, Thames makes Retail foreign exchange trading the absolutely ground-breaking decision that she doesn’t have to wear makeup to work anymore, on account of she’s taking on the patriarchy.

  • I appreciated how multiple times the author acknowledges how privileged she and her husband are and how she related that as one of the reasons she was able to become financially independent so early in life.
  • For special occasions (like when I had Mr. FW take my headshot for the book 😉 ) I’ll wear make-up and I have some old drug store brands in my drawer that I pull out for those occasions.
  • I want to close by thanking all of you–the devoted members of the Frugalwoods community–for your ongoing encouragement and inspiration.
  • I was never a shopaholic but I now question all purchases and look to see the value in each one.
  • You have helped to change my life with this blog, and now even more people will be able to discover your message of joy.
  • Thames admits her parents paid for her college tuition.

Hopefully though the article will switch a light on for UK readers about the possibilities of choosing a different path in life. I just read your book in one sitting on my Kindle. Although we are at different stages of life your thought processes are so inspirational. Congratulations on a book well written with such warmth, humor, and candor.

A Bookish Way Of Life

Nothing could be cut they were surviving on bare minimum. But his story doesn’t end there. He studied and became a high school teacher. Using that degree he migrated to Australia.

I’d spent more time studying, a strategy I was starting to question now that I was so raw with envy as I toiled in a warehouse at a plastic folding table. No one had warned me about this postgraduate purgatory of being educated but inexperienced and unqualified to do, well, really anything.

There were some useful tips and tricks in the book, especially if you can make the kinds of sacrifices to your leisure time or peripheral, non-essential spending. Go for a walk with a friend, make one another dinner, refinish some furniture. One medical emergency, one car repair, one missed paycheck, and most of us are screwed. Please don’t preach from your sanctimonious Vermont hilltop. You were a poverty tourist when you did Americorps, you should know better.

I hope you won’t be driven to add to the family to produce another book, but I do hope there WILL be another,your first was such great reading. Your story reminds me so much of Amy Dacyzsyn of The Tightwad Gazette. She tells how she had to be extremely frugal to accomplish what they wanted but that was part of the journey! I hope your book inspires as many 20 and 30 year olds to stick to their dreams and don’t get caught up in consumerism just because everyone else is doing it. I use a generic version of Cetaphil fragrance-free gentle face wash (I’ve found it at both WalMart and the Dollar Store) and at night, I use Cetaphil fragrance-free lotion. During the day, I wear SPF 45 Neutrogena sunscreen (it’s not cheap and I’d love to find a cheaper version that’s not super greasy and oily–let me know if you know of one!).

But I forge ahead knowing a year from now I’ll know more! I know the subject will be popular. I’m definitely pre-ordering and, despite the fact I’ll miss out on the great book plates by buying the Kindle version, can’t wait to devour your memoir. I’m so excited for your book!!

meet the frugalwoods: achieving financial independence through simple living

Some of my initial chapters were so bad that my editor didn’t even bother editing them. She just called me up and, in her incredibly kind and diplomatic manner, told me I should simply start over “with a blank Word document.” I was deflated after each one of these calls.

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The blog mostly consists of money-saving techniques so I expected a book by Thames to be much of the same. I was pleasantly surprised that this was more memoir style and told the story behind Thames’ ability to become financially independent at age 32. Thames is a talented writer and her story was really interesting! I also appreciated how fully she acknowledged her privilege and that her journey cannot be obtained by everyone. Well, this has just made my day! I’m a keen Australian reader of your blog.

meet the frugalwoods: achieving financial independence through simple living

I got it Saturday and finished it this morning . I’ve been following your blog since shortly before you had your baby & moved to the homestead. I can’t remember where I found your blog but once I saw Gracie I was in love! I’m sorry to hear she passed so unexpectedly. Finished up the book a few weeks ago and lent it to a friend already.

Enjoy seeing your work come to fruition! You have helped to change my life with this blog, and now even more people will be able to discover forex your message of joy. I’m going to go pre order right now. I read this blog religiously and it’s really changed my financial life.

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What I’ve come to realize during this process of pursuing a dream is that, quite simply, it’s not easy. I am hard on myself and I expect to get things right the first time. When I don’t, I get frustrated and feel like I’ll never get there. I will tell you that, with the guidance and support of my fabulous editor at HarperCollins, I re-wrote the first chapter of this book no less than 17 times.

meet the frugalwoods: achieving financial independence through simple living

She earned BA degrees in political science and creative writing from the University of Kansas and an MA in public administration from American University. She previously worked for ten years in the nonprofit sector as a fund raiser and communications manager. The deeply personal story of how an award-winning personal finance blogger abandoned a successful career in the city and embraced frugality meet the frugalwoods: achieving financial independence through simple living to create a more meaningful, purpose-driven life. Liz and her husband managed an incredible monetary feat, but they had careful planning on their side. She admits that they were lucky to have started off without much debt at all. However, on her blog frugalwoods.com, she offers life-changing and practical financial tips for everyone, regardless of where they are on the road to financial freedom.

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According to this book, I’m already a little frugal. This author basically summarized why she and her husband didn’t want the traditional 9-5 jobs, wanted financial independence, and how they achieved that. The problem is that their ideal life is living in rural Vermont and working from home. Now, my ideal life of living with financial freedom would be living in a tropical area that is not prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, etc, and working online.

Books come at a fraction of the cost from ThriftBooks or check out from the library. I wish she had included cloth diapers as that has saved me $1000’s of dollars.

It’ll be shipped to you after March 6, 2018. You won’t be charged for the book until that time. Want to learn more about how you can simplify your life and your relationship with forex analytics your money? Meet Mrs. Frugalwoods (a.k.a. Elizabeth Willard Thames) in this interactive Zoom presentation and learn more about how she did just that and how you can too.

Meet the Frugalwoods is the intriguing story of how Elizabeth and Nate realized that the mainstream path wasn’t for them, crafted a lifestyle of sustainable frugality, and reached financial independence at age thirty-two. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading the book.

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(Borrowed it from my local library.) Such a fun read and so thought-provoking. I really enjoyed it appreciate you sharing your story. Congratulations, Mrs. Frugalwoods! When the book is published, you can read it for both Babywoods. They will love it, and will be very proud of their mom!

I had to quit reading because this was making me too angry. Elizabeth and Nate are tired of working in the city and not being able to enjoy the life they had always imagined for their family. So, they decide to embrace a frugal lifestyle in order to save a LOT of money (like 70% of their net pay) so they can quit their jobs and move out to rural Vermont and spend their days as a family. This book shares that journey with us, along with some useful financial tips and ideas on “simple living”. She is one of the most frugal ladies you will ever meet. Elizabeth shares her story about how she and her husband managed to retire at 34 years old with two kids under five.

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