Cinderella Cork Blocks

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  • Our yoga block is made of sustainable eco friendly all-natural cork, which is durable and can be used for long term.
  • The yoga block features solid color, high quality, nonslip surface, beveled edges, easy to grip and portable. The yoga blocks are lightweight and can fit your gym bag or backpack easily. You can bring the yoga blocks with you all the time, anytime anywhere if you want to practice your yoga poses, just take it out.
  • Our Yoga blocks are not only for yoga, but also ideal for Pilates and meditation. Yoga block provides the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength.
  • Choose a Professional yoga block is very important, it will make the practice easier and the progression easier. Our soft and durable blocks are gentle to hands, legs and floors, this yoga block is the best choice for you.
  • Great User Experience guaranteed
  • Recommended more than foam by many professionals
  • Durable
  • Non slippery



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