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Our Journey began 8 years ago when Cinderella, our inspiration started her life changing experience.
A Mother for three, a house wife fully dedictaed to raising her children with one chronic injury and no previous work experience what so ever !
An injury that acquired some specific fitness and training excercises, and it was the sparkle !
Falling in love with Pilates and becoming a Stott Pilates certified instructor (Merrithew Canada School) was were it started.
The amazing least to be desribed, successful journey, strong will mixed with passion for fitness and knowledge, overcoming the chronic injury by knowing more about the human body was her success and she felt it was her responsibility to deliver this knowledge and spread it to everyone, help whoever is in pain to get better and improve the quality of life.
ISP (injuries and special population) studies, programs and workshops with great teachers she joined for improved understanding of human body anatomy.
continuing her path of success, started her yoga journey and became a ERYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), a YACEP (Yoga alliance continous education provider) and RYS 200 (Registered Yoga School) with Yoga alliance after 5 years of intensive studies with many yoga schools in India, she also taught yoga in indian ashrams and with indian yoga schools.
merging the yoga spiritual aspect and philosophy with her western study of anatomy and science is the flavour of her programs where she graduated more than 500 yoga teachers in at least three countries.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Yoga Changes Your Life

Possitive mind set generates possitive thinking and a possitive outcome.
Listen to your body, eat well, exercise regularly and passionately.
Beautiful souls create beautiful hearts and beautiful worlds.
Core strength improves quality of life.
Healthy Body
The body is the soul partner in our journey, treat it right.
happy soul + healthy body = possitive energy (life equation)

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